Give a Gift Certificate

Now available - Gift Certificates

Make it easy for family and friends to get copies of your favorite photographs from Jake Ivory Photography

Gift Certificates can be redeemed against Photo shoots; Photographic prints; Photographic gifts ordered through this website.

  1. First decide the amount you want the Gift Certificate to be worth
  2. Send a message via the 'Contact' page on this website and use 'Certificate' in the subject line
  3. Within the message, indicate your preferred method of payment (Credit Card; Check; Cash)
  4. Upon receipt of the payment, Jake Ivory Photography will send you a Redemption Code
  5. Send the Redemption code to the recipient of the Gift Certificate
  6. He/She will be able to order items up to the full value of the Gift Certificate. (Local sales tax will need to be taken into account of the total amount)


ADDED BONUS: For every Gift Certificate of $20 or more you purchase, you will be sent an additional code providing you with a 20% discount off prints you purchase for yourself.