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Sound Sports Images is dedicated to providing local athletes at all levels with professional quality photographs.

We have plans and programs to suit any situation. Tournaments; Leagues; Recruitment drives; Teams; Individual athletes; Club promotions; College, High and Middle Schools; Pewee and Little League sports; Meets and Events.

Pre-Book - Schools & Colleges - Clubs; Academies; Organizations - Dance & Drill - Cheerleading

Be sure to get your athlete photographed.

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  1. Call or send us a message with details of an upcoming game/event/tournament
    1. We’ll need date/time/location
    2. Once we have confirmed availability, we will send you confirmation and a link to the booking app
    3. Booking is easy. You can pay online with an accepted credit card.
  2. We will meet you at the event and provide you with a ‘Booked’ lanyard and a means of helping us identify your athlete during play.
  3. After the event, we will edit and upload the photos to the GF Crew website.
  4. You will receive a text and email link to ALL the high resolution, unwatermarked photos. You will be able to download and share ALL the images as required.



  1. We will always attempt to communicate with the coaching staff and officials to let them know our purpose and, reassure them we will make every effort to remain as unobtrusive as possible.
  2. We only photograph a limited number of athletes per game. This gives us a greater opportunity to capture a larger variety of photos of your athlete for you to enjoy.
  3. We don't take any random photos of other athletes. Only pre-paid and registered athletes will be photographed.

Check out current listings open to Pre-book:

Current Events List



Sound Sports Images works closely with Education facilities to support school athletic programs. We cover the great variety of sports and related athletic activities conducted by the schools.

These relationships are very important to us and so we communicate closely with Ads; Coaches; Officials; Booster clubs and other groups who support school activities.

We recognize the school sports athletes of today are the potential stars of tomorrow and will work with individual athletes to help prepare promotional and recruitment material.


Additionally, we can work with team sponsors to help with promotional material.

School Sports

College; High School; Middle School


Clubs Academies Organizations

Sound Sports Images provides marketing support and partnerships to high quality clubs; sports academies and organizations around Puget Sound. Tournaments; events; coach and staff profiles; teams; product shots; promotions; player profiles; recruitment support; celebrations…and more.


Dance is filled with energy; grace and vibrant action. Costumes add to the overall visual impact. Sound Sports Images can provide dance groups with photographic images capturing the events; color and movements.

We can work with schools; groups or individuals to generate images you’ll be proud to keep and display.

Dance & Drill



The ever-present Cheerleaders add much valued support to so many sporting events. These athletes work hard and demonstrate determination, skills and winning smiles.

Sound Sports Images strives to make sure these inspiring young people are given the coverage and recognition they deserve. – Go Team!

SOUND SPORTS IMAGES© is a trade name associated to JAKE IVORY PHOTOGRPAHY.

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